Traveling with our Black Lab, Gracie

  1. Taking a pet along on a road trip can be harrowing for some, but our dog Gracie loves to go!

    We stop every hour and a half to two hours and she leaps out of the car and begins sniffing everywhere!  

    She loves being with us, so lying in the back seat on her pink bed she rolls and stretches.  At home she is not allowed on the furniture, so this is a real treat.

     We take turns walking her while the other attends to business elsewhere.

    It's a long road to Ohio and back from Florida

    We are totally familiar with every rest area

     She sometimes seems a little bored, traveling.  

     Well, maybe a lot bored after a dozen hours

    But she is one happy puppy when we arrive at the end of our road trip.

    But then......
    What???  We have to drive back?

    It's OK Gracie!  Remember, there are dog treats at every drive thru window and "home" with all your toys at the end of the road!

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LV said…
It is nice your pet is good at traveling. Sometimes they are not. I have had pets, but never traveled with them.
SarahBeth said…
I'm sure Gracie loves all the rest stops! Some of them have cute doggie areas where there must be some great sniffs!
Gypsea Nurse said…
Oh Gracie~ you are beautiful!! And Florida has been so hot!!!
Have a great weekend!
Cat @ gypsea nurse
Terri Morse said…
Oh Jeannie, aren't fur babies just wonderful? Your Gracie is absolutely beautiful and she looks like she has such a sweet disposition. I wish I could take my my Molly the golden with us, but alas, car rides make her nauseous and nervous. Have a wonderful weekend! -Terri
Kaya said…
She is a real black beauty Gracie! I have a dog Tasha and she is the old girl (10 years old). Gracie has a such kind face. I have never been in Florida but some day I might go there. I liked your pictures. They are great!!!
colleen said…
Pretty dog and very photogenic.
KatBell said…
Gracie is so cute. I love having my dogs with me when I'm in the car. We have not done any long road trips with them yet though. Go check out my newest addition to the family.
Rajesh said…
The dog is really enjoying the drive.
Unknown said…
She's so sweet. Our dogs also loved to be in the car.
JoKnows said…
She is so precious! What a good girl! I had a black lab once. Pure love. :)
When we traveled all the time (as full-time RVers) we were always so impressed by how happy the traveling dogs were -- sometimes it seemed like we were the only RVers who did NOT have a dog. Most every dog seemed to love life on the road! I expect its all in the way "mom and dad" have raised them. Your dog is beautiful.
Gracie is so darn cute!!

Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comment!!

Diane Writes said…
Hi Jeannie! Thank you for linking up in my Sunday series :)

This was a cute and sweet post. I wish tht Gracie would have more travel opportunities and road trips :) I'm sure she'll get used to the long drive.

PS When you mentioned Ohio to Florida, I was mesmerized. I imagine the long, quiet and relaxing view from the road trip. I haven't been to your country, but I'm sure.. I would love the places.
Patty Antle said…
I know what a long trip that was and what a sweet dog. I hope you had someone fun to visit with in Ohio. I'm from Cincinnati. This was a cute idea for a post.
Anonymous said…
She looks like a great traveler, and reminds me of our sweet lab that we lost recently.
Kmcblackburn said…
What a cutie! Love how she is nuzzled in on that pillow. Thanks for linking up to Song-ography :)
Travel said…
The dog is really enjoying the drive. Thanks for sharing!

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