Pink Surprise

Turning the corner in this shop I was definitely surprised!

The entire chair was painted pink.  Who would have thought to paint upholstery?  
It was comfortable to sit in and this painted chair was oh so fun to look it.  

Pink. It sits playfully mute
Screaming, take me home

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JoKnows said…
Love it! I would put that in my daughter's room. And the cat art is awesome. :)
Oh, my g'girl Victoria would love it! I do too! Thanks for dropping by, sweet lady. Enjoy your weekend.
Connie said…
Jeanne, you tell that son of yours that he's another hero of mine, sugar. I love our military but especially our Marines as hubby is a retired Marine, son was in Marines for about 5 years, just until they got him fixed up from an injury to his leg that still bothers him. But he works for the CA in Loma Linda and he's okay. Waiting for a knee replacement though.

He lived in Hayward just before we moved up here to Idaho. Love California and go back to visit our kids once a year or so.

Anonymous said…
There's no mistaking it, it's definitely pink!
Leovi said…
Wonderful and fun pink armchair, I like!
pinkkandy said…
Here is a pink blessing from a BIG God....hope that your week is filled with many great things...God Bless you....
Mrs. White said…
What a fun chair!

Thank you for visiting me. I hope you have a happy, pink day!
Lutka And Co. said…
What a great chair -Love all the Pink! Happy Pink Saturday!
Susie Jefferson said…
How fabulous - and inspirational. Whether I'd be brave enough to try something like this myself, I don't know - but I'd certainly buy this chair! Wow! Happy Pink Saturday from the UK.
RobinfromCA said…
Oh my goodness! My question is...does the paint make the fabric stiff or scratchy? That is one very pink chair! Another Bay Area gal here. Born in Oakland and moved to the South Bay when I was two and all of Santa Clara Valley was filled with orchards.
Have a lovely weekend,
Hi Jeannie Marie. What a hoot. I have been hearing quite abit recently about painting upholstery. In fact, I have one that would be a good candidate..Love the cat painting behind..Happy Weekend..Judy
Rebecca said…
What FUN! (I like your 3-liner, too! Well done.)
Jill said…
My daughter would have loved that chair!!
Unknown said…
Even though the chair is not my style, I can appreciate a good piece of artwork. I know someone out there would loooove it!
lencilicious said…
wow. that's a lovely pink chair. I can imagine how comfortable to sit on it.
Holly Lefevre said…
I love it! Pink Perfection!

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