A Short Visit to Amish Country

My granddaughter needed driving practice time to fulfill requirements before getting her license so she and I took a drive out to Amish Country.

Our destination was Millers Bakery for breakfast. We arrived as they opened up, about 9 AM

Two young Amish girls were hard at work baking but packaged up pastry and big soft pretzels for us.  Their Amish dresses were flour dusted and heads bound with matching kerchiefs.

We munched our salty pretzels while sitting out under a tree facing the bakery.  Five children ranging from age twelve or so down to a baby of a few months, drove up in a buggy and marched into the bakery.  They came out and went over to the house,  in a line, from tallest to smallest, except the oldest girl was carrying the baby on her hip.  They passed by in their colorful clothing and barefoot and  I nodded.  The oldest boy replied "Howdy".  A short time later they came out and all piled into the buggy and drove away. 

Here we were, all important with Lauren at 16 driving me somewhere for the first time ever and these very young children were driving all over the country by themselves.  It did take the wind out of our sails just a bit.

When we left I really enjoyed the countryside.  Note the absence of wires to this farmhouse and the neat fence.  They live such thrifty lives.  

Driving by the Cemetery

And a country corner popular for posting signs

This type of sign was everywhere reminding drivers to be careful of the slower vehicles on the road. 

A young girl was out on a bicycle in the road but quickly turned into this driveway when she spotted us and turned her back.

As we left the area, turning on the main road, a dancing horse trotted by.  How beautiful!

By now Lauren had a good three hours of driving time under her belt.  Later she did pass her driving test and got her drivers license.  Ohioan's watch out!

I had the fun of seeing this unique rural area and people and spending one on one time with my granddaughter.  

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Beautiful country! Thanks for sharing you fun outing with us at TTF.

Rebecca said…
I'm blessed to live in the middle of Amish country here in NE Indiana. It really is a delight for me. Horses and buggies pass in front of our house right along with the cars & trucks :)
Teri said…
Thank you for sharing that drive... I live in a very rural area but it's not as peaceful as Amish country!!!
Leovi said…
Yes, these pictures are beautiful, nice place! Greetings!
Thanks for sharing this trip to Amish country, it brought memories to me. I am from NY and so my dad used to do the drive to Amish country in the summer so we can see it and learn. How wonderful. Thanks for your sweet and kind comments.
We spent quite a bit of time in this beautiful country ...as RVers.. I just loved every bit of it. What a lucky girl to have such a good grandma. (and lucky grandma too!)
Lovely pictures of Amish country! I love reading about the Amish -- from non-fiction to the wonderful books by Beverly Lewis! I wonder if I could ever live a life like theirs!
JoKnows said…
What a lovely area! And you are so kind (and brave) to be in the car with a young driver. :)
Congratulations to Lauren!!!

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