The Oldest Jewish Cemetery

While visiting in Cincinnati last month we were hurrying down the walk on our way to somewhere else and passed by this monument.

How interesting, I thought as I stopped to read it:

It's a marker for Betts Longworth Historic District and it dedicates this area to the original pioneers and those who developed this historic area.  Hmmm, I thought.  How nice and before I stepped away I noticed an interesting sight behind the marker.  A small cemetery.

It was so old, I had to go and investigate.

I saw this marker on the scarred old cement post
It says:

The oldest Jewish cemetery west of the Allegheny Mountains.
Opened 1821 and used until 1849

The iron gate on the cemetery was locked so we couldn't enter to read any inscriptions

But it all looked frightfully interesting!  

You can never tell what you'll find in the middle of an old city like Cincinnati.  Just keep your eyes open.

Sharing with Pink Saturday as my eye was drawn to this bright pink building (above) and then I noticed how even the old brick was pinkish.  I love an old cemetery and pink is certainly not what you might expect.  Fun discovery.

Shared also with Sundays in my City even though this is my former city, and I'm just visiting.


Extremely cool!! I love old cemeteries....
Thanks so much for stopping by! I was thrilled with this blue transferware dish! I collect the red/pink too!!

LV said…
Cemeteries are not my favorite places to visit, but you can find interesting facts there. So much history.
I enjoy visiting old cemeteries. The older ones are so interesting. Blessings, Debbie
Unknown said…
I also love visiting cemeteries. How fascinating that this is the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world. Very cool.
Unknown said…
I am glad you happened by this graveyard. I found a very old Jewish cemetery near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, last year. It looks somewhat similar. Blessings!
StarTraci said…
I love old cemeteries -- what a terrific find!

Happy Sunday!
Dorothy said…
I love it when I find something new in a place I've been lots of times. Reminds me to always pay attention!
I think you are allowed to claim any city you are lucky enough to visit as yours. I love your finds. Very cool links to the past.

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