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I-70, My Home Away from Home

This was not my week! On my way to knitting group on Wednesday I ran out of gas on the Interstate. I managed to get over into an entrance ramp and then way over off the side. I was in pretty safe conditions, but the sun was out and the wait was over an hour because my husband had to come from quite a distance. The car got hotter and hotter as I waited. I did, however knit quite a bit on my scarf and got all of the ends tucked in. I'm using "found" yarn that I picked up at a thrift store for a song. Not enough of the several colors of homespun to make anything but a colorful scarf which I'm loving already. Putting odd colors together will actually grow on you! Then yesterday, Friday, I was driving again on the Interstate going the other direction and I had a flat tire! The wait wasn't bad again because, as it happened, I had my knitting with me and I added a couple of inches to my scarf. But this time I was freezing! This car has issues with the heat


It's rightfully his But others are demanding Go, leave me in peace Sometimes you have to play Santa and give someone something that is yours. This is to keep the peace. The scriptures say if someone wants to take your tunic...give them your cloak also.

Nail Biting Time

It's nail biting time again. Mom is in the hospital and they are doing tests. We are all praying that it is nothing to worry about. She left pansys on the kitchen counter to be planted and put in some green beans for fun in the built in planter. She was joking about being glad the beans were in because they maybe will be ready to be picked when she gets home. She is really upbeat and optimistic though. And....the good news came through that all is well and treatable! I'm glad you didn't have to wait the hours I did for this update. I'm sure your nails appreciate it!

First Day of Spring

Winter went out limping because yesterday was a beautiful spring day whereas today is a bit overcast and cooler. There isn't a single bloom yet that I have seen, but the trees are budding out and the daff's are up but the flowers are still buds. This weekend I've been doing theater checks and had to go to the same show five times yesterday and today. I will have the first fifteen minutes of Red Riding Hood memorized by tonight. This is how my youngest celebrated the last day of Winter!  You are never too old to enjoy a slide!  Since he is engaged to be married next October, I extra appreciate the carefree days he is experiencing now.  I'm also looking forward to the future when he will be sliding with his child on his lap. 

A Sad Frog

It's a crossroads time. The weather is beautiful so I am going to take my knitting outside today. Well, my frogging! I was led astray by Ann Budd and my sweater is miles too big. 80 stitches to be exact. I had 12 inches from the bottom up and so, although I have been loathe to start, I will begin to frog it this afternoon. Yes, I thought about a long, long cowl. I even began ribbing the top to match the bottom but decided the wool was not soft enough. Fisherman's wool is wonderful, but you must wear a turtleneck under it. My fatal flaw. I overcompensated for that turtleneck. You can't wear anything under the cowl so it's getting frogged. Sad.

Family Cleaning Day

Keeping your home and and yard clean is a year around project. Cleaning and maintaining everything on a weekly basis is your main goal, but occasionally the whole house needs a shake up. Over time, closets begin to bulge, dust accumulates under furniture and clutter needs sorting out. A big family cleaning day should happen at least once or twice a year. Do inside cleaning and outside cleaning on different days. You'll feel closer as a family if you are all doing the same kind of work. When the weather is good, you'll want to be outside. This is the time to wash those windows and screens. It's great to hang blankets out to air. Most people don't have clotheslines nowadays, but for one day, hanging a line outside between trees would work. Windy months like March are perfect. Once the family has carried out all the blankets and your items are airing out you can do outside work like cleaning and sorting out t