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Working in my Christmas Journal

I really enjoy sitting down and doing collage work in my journal.  It's especially nice when it's a seasonal journal in a season that is as nice as this one, This is one of the pages of my reverse collage book.  A reverse collage means you collage around your favorite images already in the book.   Here is a link to my book:   More news is my Christmas Cactus bloomed!   I bought it on clearance last April and kept it in an Eastern window all year,  This fall it budded out and then bloomed in early December.  Blooms are still flowering!  This is the Christmas cake I plan to make again this year.  I have made it every year since the late 80's.  It's my favorite cake and I could eat it all year around but save it just for the holidays.   It's a Jello Poke Cake. I painted this picture this week of an online friend for her birthday.   Her request on Facebook was everyone draw her for her birthday So I took up the challenge!