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Making a Pumpkin Patch Junk Journal Page!

Watch the process of doing this journal page! This is the double page spread so far.  I haven't embellished the Houdini page much yet but did get it painted and "napkined"  Haha! The 1 ply napkin I added over the other pumpkins is like a ghost pumpkin! I love how that turned out!!  This is a sneak peek at my newest junk journal! I have decided, and most journals do this as you work on them, that it is going to be my  holiday and vacation journal.  I love the randomness of the other journals that I'm pasting everything under the sun into, but this one is going to have a bit of structure.  It will be my go-to place as holidays approach.  I already know I'll have a blast working in it!  

DIY Adorable Tissue Covered Envelopes

This was so fun to do!  It's not pink but this is fall! Sharing with  Pink Saturday!

Flip through (so far) in my Vintage Junk Journal

I have a good start on this journal and I have enjoyed working on it so much!