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Bogging Down

We seem to be nervous about hanging pictures.  They are still sitting leaning up against several walls, all in their individual crates.  We have one large box with several pictures and a dozen or so unpacked placed here and there.  Exactly two have been hung.   Actually, I don't think we have enough walls for all the pictures and mirrors we brought.  The house is organized but still needs tweaking here and there. I'm pretty happy with everything except the kitchen table and the sofa.  I'm bogging down though and resting on my laurels enjoying the house instead of finishing up and hanging the art.  I have noticed that the house has a curious hollow sound sometimes and I believe it's because the walls are empty.  The beautiful walls that have been triple treated.  Walls that have been primed, knock down patterned and painted a soft latte color called Cream in my Coffee.  We hung the new vintage look clock three times before it looked right.  Now we are thinki

New Port Richey Fibre Arts Group

I've been working with a friend,  PprmntMochaMama about meeting up for a knitting session regularly and forming a group here in the area and yesterday was the first planned meeting!  Unfortunately PprmntMochaMama was not feeling well and didn't want to expose us to anything unpleasant so she had to miss, but we carried on and three of us met at Starbucks at HWY 19 and Gulf in New Port Richey at 10:30 AM! I love the atmosphere and the comfy seating and my mom, Joanne scored us a great spot on the roomy leather sofa while I ordered.  A coffee table in front and room for three was perfect.   My Peppermint Mocha Frappe was in honor of our missing Woolie and we got out our projects. My sister, Karan, breezed in a short time later and joined us.  She decided not to learn to knit this week but brought her sketch pad and art pencils and practice sketching faces.  We were willing subjects and I do wish I had asked to photograph them.  They were great! We moved

Looking Back on the Move

It was so great to finally get that truck loaded!  After five days of record heat and no air, we had packed and Chris had loaded the lions share.  Every evening Billy came by and loaded some more but Bill and I put all the last minute stuff aboard.  It was finally packed to the gills.  I kept more!!  We won't fit it all into the new house!  But we kept stuffing, one more thing, one more thing.    Unfortunately I was not able to get this wonderful old architectural column on the truck.  It came from an interesting old house in small New Carlisle, Ohio.  Years ago Bill rolled it to the car and was able to lift this solid cement piece into the trunk of our car.  Bill wanted to try this time now that we had an appliance dolly,  but it was so hot and I felt the rearrangement of the truck contents might be an issue.  The appliance dolly would have made it a piece of cake to move this time, but I didn't want to take chances.  Gracie looked lost in the empty house! 

Naming the New Abode

Our new house has almost been named. Currently we are calling it The Cottage because it's so small.  We also have still been calling it, Uncle Bob's Cabin (just because we bought it from my Uncle Bob) like we did before we moved in.   When we first arrived Bill kept referring to it as The Lodge because of the large stone fireplace but thankfully that name has almost disappeared. The area is named after a beach, which I love, but the planned beach didn't materialize due to some regulations years ago.  The closest beach is three miles away.  Besides the lot next to ours and behind is all wooded!  A beachy name for our house would be deceiving even though there is nothing between us and the Gulf except the house next door.  But as I said, it was my friend Kathleen who mentioned naming rooms that really caught my attention because we are stumbling over ourselves referring to them these past three weeks we've resided here. We have a bedroom named The Be

Resurfacing for a Moment

So, I am just showing you a peek at the new house.  The renovated bathroom!  I'm not finished, but after hanging the shower curtain last night it now looks like the room I envisioned from a photo I found online and used.  The shower curtain represents to me underwater plants swaying with the movement of the ocean. I did not mean to let so many weeks go by without a word!  I had forgotten how intense it is to move and unpack.  I didn't know when you are 24 years older than your previous move (where you swore, and meant it, that you would never, ever move again) that you would tire more easily and not be able to settle in at the same rate of speed. I was able to safely move my beloved fish watercolor to Florida where it fits nicely on the wall behind the door.  I also brought the antiqued flower hook I bought years ago and never hung.  It exactly matches one of the shades of aquas in the shower curtain even though it looks very blue in the photo.  We haven&#