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Post Christmas Thrifting

My daughter and I have hit the thrifts like crazy, but honestly, the shops in Florida ROCK compared to the ones I have found here in North Carolina.  Nevertheless each store is a challenge and I have managed to unearth some great 75% off Christmas items!! I did find these cute little Starbucks ornaments at a dollar apiece!   They were fun because we just had our holiday lattes today! They were cute on all sides!  One was from 2005  Two were from 2006 This little guy melted me!  What a great little smile..worth more than the quarter I gave for him. And then I found his papa, knocked down to $1.25! So cute together!   I found them on different tables though. This one holds a tea cute!  I can't wait to take him home and test it out!    Of course I found a Santa Mug! Fifty cents!  I feel comfortable buying a holiday mug I can tuck away with the Christmas items! But isn't it cute?  I l

Ruby Princess

It was a wonderful to take a cruise in the middle of December and just while away the time on board ship.  Here are a few pictures  I snapped: My baby sister, Janet and I shared a stateroom.  You remember Janet! She is t he artist I featured awhile back.     Pssst.  We are wearing our newly thrifted outfits! See what a large, roomy stateroom we had!   Everywhere there were beautiful decorations for Christmas! Even the ceilings were gorgeous.  This, of course is the "everyday" look! I really liked this piece.  Sea turtles on coral, that I found in an alcove. My Shadow Shot for the week! This cruise was overcast almost every day! Outside along the rail it was beautiful, windy and warm. I loved seeing the ships name stamped on the life preservers. Occasional glimpses of the sun provided a shadow or two caught here! In the distance, along the horizon you could see other ships in their lanes.

A Mexican Nativity

While visiting Cozumel, Mexico I saw some lovely Christmas decorations If you notice the streetlight, you will see behind it a large decoration designed to be lit at night with stars and such in red and green neon.  These were placed all down the street but we didn't stay after dark so we didn't see them lit up.  I bet they were beautiful.  Then, when I turned this corner to the left ... I spotted this beautiful, nearly life size, nativity! I asked the people, guarding the nativity where is the baby Jesus?  They explained that it is Jesus is on the left, as a grown man and Mary is on the right.  Did I notice the halos?  A very unusual nativity.    To the right of the crib were the rest of the figures and a large Christmas tree.  Joseph is in the background and two more kings and a donkey kneeling in front is all cast in the same  as the Jesus and Mary figures.  Flat, wooden replicas of lambs and shepherds and a donkey are added.   The speci

Cozumel, Mexico in December

A lovely trip, mid December Beautiful, misty, windy and cool Lovely views of the Gulf of Mexico Sitting on the steps at the beach front The view from the patio of  the restaurant we found Traveling on side streets Of  course,  the Nativity in front of a store  My taxi view  Pure loveliness   Waiting patiently for her passengers to return. Sharing at: Shadow Shot Sunday2 Pink Saturday Sundays in my City Blue Monday Monday Mellow Yellows Straight out of the Camera Sunday

Thrifty Christmas Finds!

I casually stopped in to see what the thrifts were offering and I came home with this  vintage metal lantern.  It has a pot of ivy glued to the bottom.  But lo and behold the bottom came off .  It seems only peeling paint was holding it on.  I like it this way best! $2.99 their price and .99 on a sticker on the bottom.  They gave it to me for the .99!    I wasn't going to buy another mug.  But who could resist? Aqua, snowflake and such a cute saying inside!  It was only $.79 but I should have hardened my heart.  It is hard to drink from, see how the lip turns in? I felt like I was drinking upside down.   Eagle eyes better than mine will also see the hairline crack.   I'm pouting. This cute tin Santa with the swinging legs was a prize!  He is on my mantel now.    The little bough of greenery has scrolls of music and holly berries, too cute!   I added lights to a golden star basket I thrifted some time ago and they twinkle

My Santa Themed Mantel

Simple and sweet this year Some of my favorite Santas The painting is an oil reproduction of Monterey California, where it rains instead of snows at Christmas  The windmill Santa on the end is not going to go round and round on the mantel like it does outdoors but it's getting too old to be outside anymore. I painted these many years ago.  I never realized that when we got "old" my husband (see banner) would actually look like Santa!  That was 2011.  This year he is clean shaven and has very short hair!  Who knows what next year will bring.  These two didn't make it onto the mantel, but cozied up in the foyer.  The Victorian Santa this year in the sleigh resides side by side with the modern tin Santa that has swinging legs and hung from our tree for many years.  I love Decembre!  Sharing at Ivy and Elephants Must Love Junk What We Accomplished Wednesday Beautiful Sunday