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 This is one of the new babies in our family, Little Isabella Gracie!   I think she looks like the Gerber baby in this, her latest picture. I am a poor example of a Great Aunt as her nice warm blankie was just mailed off today even though she was born in the middle of July. I love working with pinks!   Here it is my Jeannie Beanie Bumpy Blanket folded in half and draped over my chair. I love the pretty pink, orange and purple yarn! The pattern didn't call for a border, but it looked unfinished to me so I added a couple  rows of single crochet to finish it off.   Too bad I didn't get it sent out before the cold weather hit North Carolina.   It was finished December 8th My pattern is very simple, perfect for beginners. Chain 60   Double crochet 40 rows   Single crochet two rows around adding a chain stitch at each corner. I used Bernat Baby Blanket yarn.  Machine wash and Dry. Crochet hook was 5.5MM ( I )  Just a note:  This

A Heigh Ho Silver and Away.

 I'm indulging Mr. Me this month.  We took these from the guest room and brought them out for us to enjoy. The Remington sculptures are inherited from my father in law Not exactly a Feng Shui kind of decor but without a den they had to go somewhere!   We have had return guests so the thundering hooves haven't disturbed anyone's sleep.   We love the recreated vintage photos I didn't realize I had so many!   These were taken when my kids were quite young and we only had three. From R.  Dianne, Billy the Kid and Shelly This is me Mr. Mr was not into dressing up for a photo but I was willing to go it alone.  My daughter in the above photo, Shelly has produced these two desperado's Kyle and Kyra, Both of whom are teenagers today  My parents started the fad This was about 1977 I believe it was an anniversary picture. The holster is vintage The rocking cowboy is a toy from t

It's Fall In Florida

It's finally fall in Florida!  We lose leaves in the fall, specifically the Sycamore trees, but they don't turn colors.  The Oak trees and some other kinds in my neighborhood turn color in January and for just a short time.  It's the last hurrah for them and I really enjoy this bit of color. The alternative and what is coming next is the horrific leafless Oak, with lots of dripping Spanish moss.  I have several trees in my yard and I feel like my house is in the middle of a haunted grave yard.... but no graves.  It can be really creepy sometimes. Now.... I had to write this up as Mr Me was telling me the story my jaw kept dropping.... A Good Samaritan Story from Florida: Highway 19 in Florida is infamous. If it was just crazy with traffic populated by senior citizens on the edge of losing their licenses, that would be enough to handle but that is just the beginning. In addition to the seniors are vacationers that do not have any idea of the traffic pa

Lunch in Cozumel at La Candela

While off the main street at Cozumel we were implored by a street vendor to come into his shop but we were ready to eat lunch. He promised to show us a great restaurant if we would come back and shop. We agreed! It looked fine! Even more than fine when we got inside! This courtyard was so unexpected. I was charmed by the homemade step into the dining area. My sisters listening to the waiter.... And then noticing me holding the camera! It was warm and rainy but the breeze was cool.  These fans were wonderful. The high ceiling helped as well. The lovely room was painted Ruby Tuesday and Monday Mellow Yellow It was a shock to realize after we ordered that the menu was partially in English... Spanish on the left, and English on the opposite side. That sounds odd that we wouldn't notice  until you realize the food names are the same in English and Spanish. Choices, choices!   Instead of my usual ice wate

A January Thrifting Trip

Mom and I went to lunch and stopped in to a nearby thrift store.  We haven't done anything together since the cruise last month because I've been gone.  We had a very nice afternoon! I don't usually buy Pyrex even though I love it because I don't have room but this bowl was deep with steep sides and I just had to have it. Especially on half price day! $2.99  Our Black Lab, Gracie might have to be jealous of this new addition to the family.  She stands about 6" tall and is solid, maybe clay?  It's very heavy. The figurine is darker than the photo shows.  No markings on the bottom, but it's professionally felted. $2.99  I love these rocks because they have a purpose.  They are good coffee coasters while looking beautiful on the table.  $1.25 each Forget the iced drinks.  They sweat too much and there is zero absorption. I'm not sure what possessed me to leave all my little house books behind when I moved, espec

Winter Jam 2014

Winter Jam 2014 was amazing!  We went to the first show of the tour in Raleigh NC and everyone was pumped including the artists!  The electricity in the air was insane! I have some great tips here   Yahoo Voices: Winter Jam 2014   if you are planning on seeing the show in your city. After the show Kyra got her CD's autographed by Newsboys We went to the PNC Arena in Raleigh NC  It was $10.00 a ticket and first come first served.   LeCrae  Quite a popular Christian rapper Tenth Avenue North My favorite group of the night This is the front man singing right in front of us!  Plum She did a nice job.  I liked the first song best The lead singer from Newsboys was all over the arena in this cherry picker.   This is the picture that was painted during one song.  The artist is Jared Emerson  It was very exciting to watch it come together.   They sold it to the highest bidder for a loca