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Knitting Work in Progress with Starbella Yarn

Today is Wednesday and Shelly and I have quite a few works in progress!

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We have been knitting up a storm while I'm here for Christmas week.  This is the Starbella yarn that Shelly picked out for daughter Kyra and I got to knit it! It's my first time knitting with Starbella yarn but Shelly made everyone scarves for Christmas and could have sold each one twice while knitting in public. 
You need fast projects when you're just visiting!  It's fun and pretty easy knitting with Starbella as it's so unusual.

about using Starbella is before you start your project, open the yarn and wind it around a tube like I have shown here.  I used a paper towel tube that I cut to size, you can use a toilet paper tube, a stiff piece of cardboard or even a rolled newspaper.  It is much easier to use when the yarn is already opened and flattened.  It's tedious but once you begin the project you can complete it in just a few hou…

Thrifting Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers

Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers was my mother in laws china pattern.  She has been gone for many years and her dishes went to her daughters home.  So I was happy to find two plates, in this china pattern both like new,  on plate hangers to warm up our new home for my husband.   Friendly Village is a comfortable pattern and will be friendly and homey for all the kids and other family members when they visit also.   I've always loved dishes by Johnson Brothers and have to resist collecting more than one pattern. 
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Merry Christmas Eve

A short road trip up the coast  Over some rivers and though the swamps of Florida To our daughters house we go!  
 Shelly and Michael on Christmas Eve And Kyle and I.  Kyra was camera shy.  We took three pictures and  Kyle blinked in every one.  (!)
A full day and then party food!  Shelly fixed guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips, barbeque pizza, quiche, pizza, french dip hot sandwiches, potato chips and dip. 
New P.J.'s were opened..

And guess who won both games?  
Did you even question it?

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Thrifting Treasures

I have a few things to add to the thrifting parties this week.  It's hard to get out there with all the Christmas shopping I had to do and Christmas mailing.  

This was quite an interesting buy:  It's a lowball tumbler from Ralph Lauren.  The polo players are etched and the glass appears to be lead crystal.  It looks blue but is actually clear. 
 They are sold in sets of  two and are quite pricy!  Not all are signed, but this one had an etched signature!
 A PartyLite candle holder in a blue swirl glass was a no brainer.  I loved it.  I have a thing for glass, and especially colored swirled pieces.   $.0.79


A vintage  pottery candle holder from Rowe Pottery.  Part of the "A Country Home" collection.  I guess 1987 is vintage.  It's almost a quarter of a century old.  Still looks new, but I love salt glazed pottery pieces and the hearts are so nice.  It's a nice addition to Tortoise Cottage.   I'll be looking for hurricane glass now. 
    Looks …

The Nutcracker Ballet

The Nutcracker Ballet is a holiday tradition for many but it was a first visit for Mom.  She had her 83rd birthday on Thursday and since she had expressed a desire to see it, my sister and I decided we would take her this year.  We surprised  her last night at her birthday dinner when we presented her with tickets for the show tonight!   It was a perfect evening!

The poster in the lobby
Seats in the second row, we were brimming with anticipation! Michael and Bill were seated on either side, but not pictured.  It was a fun group!
The opening party scene.
The final scene.
Curtain call
The end of a perfect evening.

It was a perfect evening and a great finale to the two day celebration of Mom's birthday!

Angry Birds, The Red Bird

The Red Bird from Angry Birds
I haven't done any crocheting since I learn to knit, aside from one easy project.  I have never followed a pattern, cold.  But my grandson asked me if I could make him an Angry Bird from the Angry Birds game and I blithely said I could.  Sometimes my positive nature gets me into trouble.  We looked together on Ravelry for a pattern.  The Red Bird was the one he picked out and it wasn't until I began to read the pattern it that I realized it was crochet!

Crochet patterns have always confused me so much I never made anything from a pattern.  I just crocheted scarves and blankets all my life.  So I studied the Angry Birds pattern diligently.  I can do this, I can do this, I muttered as I decided to take it step by step. 

So I was very happy to find that I could complete this cute The Red Bird from Angry Birds.  I didn't wait until Christmas to send it.  Sometimes it is just fun to get a box in the mail when you aren't expecting one.  He sou…

December at the Beach

You may remember last week I promised myself we would give ourselves a beach day before the end of the year.  Having been in Florida since July 31 we only had one short beach visit the first week of August albeit we have had several drive thru's looking for good beaches.  
We discovered a nearby beach in Hernando County last week but, alas, it was coldish, after six PM and the beach was closed.  After boldly driving though the exit to view it, we decided to come back as soon as possible.  I checked for a good day and promised myself Tuesday would be our beach day. It was, as promised, in the upper 70's and blazing with sunshine but the beach was practically empty!   I wore my bathing suit, a floral cover up purchased here back in September, black Van's flip flops.  And my thrifted floppy hat I bought here in October that fits so snugly I don't have to hold it in the breeze (but I do out of habit). 
The Mister carried in the beach chairs
and I carried the towel…

Sunday Services

Another Sunday and we have visited another church here in the area in our grand search for a church home.  Since it's the Christmas season, I wore my version of red and green.   I tucked my little white snowman with the green jingle bell into my scarf to keep it in place and I felt quite festive.
This time we went to a really large church that had a school associated with it and a fleet of busses.  Again we were a tad bit late and the service was in full swing.  As I stood in the lobby I looked in vain for a seat for two and finally spotted one about half way up the right aisle.  
Confidently we entered just as the prayer ended and all eyes watched us enter and discover that there were Bibles, notepads and pens left to hold those places.  I hated to turn around and walk out and a desperate glance spied two spots in the middle of a pew two rows up.  That necessitated the man on the end having to stand up and step out into the aisle and we scootched past the lady who stayed seated and…

Thrifting in December

I have been really enjoying my new local thrift shops.  This week's treasure hunt yielded these gems.
 A Fossil bag that looks unused but probably is.

I'm not familiar with them and didn't notice until I peeked inside that it was special. I caved and spend $10.00.

 Digging a little further I found this gem for $6.99
It probably is a knock off, but it says it was made here :-)

Seventy five cents for this sweet little Cloisonne' Teapot.  It is only 3 inches tall but it is a working pot, someone used it for spices.  It's quite heavy for it's size.
The lid is separate and you can pour through the spout. I love the teacups and checkerboard trim.
A stunning embroidered pillow that caught my eye.  I didn't know where I was going to use it, but had to have it.  When I tossed it on the bed, I saw it matched the embroidered flowers. 
A couple of felted gift bags for a quarter!  I love the bucket, which I actually picked up on another trip, but the tall one with the jingle…