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Country Roads

Fall in North Carolina

Sometimes you just have to pull over and enjoy an old fence!  

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Good Fences

Good Fences make good Pastures

Driving by I spotted this fence and had to get a photo.
The sheep are waaay over on the other side, but if you look carefully there is a tall shepherd's lookout in the back of the pasture. 

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Good Fences
Sundays in my city

Court of Honor

Court of Honor for Eagle Scout Kyle Willis
Less than 7% of all Scouts attain the highest rank of Eagle.  When a Scout completes all the requirements a Court of Honor is held to award him this rank.  

Members of troop 75 in North Carolina 

Saluting the American Flag during the pledge

Lighting of the candles and reciting the Scouts Law
 Kyles former Scout Leader Stan La Perriere conducting the ceremony

 Pinning the newest Eagle Scout
 Pinning his mom and dad is a vow to rededicate himself to living the
Scouts Oath.
The audience was asked if they would like to say anything about the life and character of the honoree.
He had several members of his troop speak 

Friends from his church speak  as well as family members and other scout leaders.  

I also spoke on behalf of my late husband.  Normally I would not get up in front of a crowd but I knew he would have been the first one up there to tell him how proud we were of him and his accomplishments.

Afterwards Stan presented him with his cert…

International Geocaching

Geocaching* in Mexico
While cruising my phone is off limits except when in Wifi areas so doing a little geocaching takes planning ahead of time.   I used to use my hand held GPS but my phone is so much easier that I now rely on it exclusively.  Internationally though it is quite a challenge.  
The first thing I do before I leave is to look over the areas I plan to spend time in to see how many geocaches are located in the area. 

This one happened to be located near a restaurant I had been to on my last trip to Cozumel!!   It was right there at the dock.  But where might the actual cache be located? 

I had saved a few photos in my phone of  the cache page to assist me while looking.  
This time I happened to spot the statue first and remembered it as the location. This statue had been in almost all the photographs as being the location of the cache.  
Something large like this something I could locate visually, but it isn't always the case.
When I found the statue I had to also ta…