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Mom's Two Grandma's

This post was begun last summer.  Mom and I used to sit and talk in the afternoons.   I was getting little snippits of information and I didn't want to forget them as I often did.    We always sat in her TV room to talk but she rarely dwelt on the past, she liked to talk about current news.  When I got her talking about the olden days, I added these nuggets as I heard them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was asking Mom today about her grandma and what she was like.  I've asked before and gotten some vague answers.  She always said her Grandma MacDougall (below) was stern and not given to spending much time with children. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today Mom told me, when her grandma was elderly, she liked her to come and visit because she would always give her a home permanent.  My mom was good at it and she liked to give them. (she went to beauty college)  I well remember getting one most summers while growing up.  I do remember my great grandmother