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The Boardwalk at Walt Disney World

The Boardwalk at Disney World is something we discovered for the first time last week.  It is something like  a smaller scale Downtown Disney but it's a resort hotel with condominiums as well.   As with the Grand Floridian, the period is Victorian.  You are whisked to Atlantic City, NJ when you step through the doors onto the old boardwalk.  The foyer at The Boardwalk Inn Just through the foyer is a small lobby, the light fixture overhead is prancing carousel horse/mermaids.   The theme is followed through with the circular lobby bench below it is boasting a carousel that was handcrafted in 1920 at Cony Island.  The resort was decorated for Christmas with enormous swags everywhere and huge decorated trees.  The gingerbread gazebo was spicy and fragrant with Donald Duck coming out of the chimney.  A carousel elephant decorated the huge mantle. \  A life size gingerbread house also wafted delicious spiciness.  It was alongside the g

Holiday Dalmatian

Hunt for the shadow Life is never obvious Merry Christmas all The Dalmatian is located in Georgia near Savannah. Shared with Shadow Shot II

A Disney Christmas

We took a trip over to see James and Rachel and celebrate their birthdays.  They had come to celebrate their first anniversary and see the new Fantasyland. It was a great start, because when we arrived at Downtown Disney There was a huge double rainbow.  We got it from this angle, James took a fantastic picture of the whole bow over the entire area as they came over from Port Orleans by boat. James stopping to answer a birthday call as 12/12/12 was actually his birthday!  After shopping and a great dinner at Rainforest Cafe we went to the Grand Floridian  to see the decorations.  The Gingerbread house was life size!    And we found some hidden Micky's (can you spot them?)..... we hung out in the lobby. The next morning as James and Rachel went to the Magic Kingdom, Bill and I visited resorts.  This is quite a thrifty way to enjoy Disney without the price tag.  Each resort is open to visitors to come and visit even if you

Wild Horses at Assateague Island

Wild Horses at Assateague Island It was a reverse They came enmasse to see us A red letter day Usually you have to scour the island to see the wild horses and the rangers said it would be lucky to see more than one or two during a visit. But when we were there there was a herd right in the parking lot and everywhere we went the wild horses were out in the open.  We saw dozens.   Sharing at Shadow Shot Sunday

Getting About in Key West

Whether you arrive by cruise ship, jet or car or whether you live on Key West, getting around is fun.   For the tourist in us all the Conch Train was a great way to get about. Hearing the history and seeing all the important places was primary on our list. Brian was our guide.  If you go, be sure and stop and say hi for me. One thing we noticed many people decorated their vehicles.  It's not surprising as there are many artists who reside in Key West. I barely caught this photo as we drove by on the Conch Train.  It is just like the special little sculpture we have at home. It was just missing a spare tire and the little black Labrador in the bed of the truck, like our black Lab, Gracie.   Boy...this one is perfect for zooming about.  This wasn't was on display! This was also on display...but in someones front yard. I'm not judging.  I had to include this little gem further up in the line of keys.  

Sculptures in Key West

 These kinds of sculptures always fascinate me.  I always do a double take as they are usually life size.  This first one was not, however.  It's quite a landmark! But then, here and there we ran across quite a few life size ones. The coat was a bit odd, even for November as many were wearing shorts and flip flops. Grandma shopping The Fisherman Near the train station When we arrived, quite a crowd was around this one.   Note the people on the bench...or should I say person? I did my double take as I zeroed in and realized they were naked. I didn't find pink flamingos but Key West wasn't lacking in pink bodies. Again the heavy jackets showed these were part of a traveling display.  When we lived in Dayton there was a traveling show that stayed for about six months with figures everywhere downtown. This one was by the water, so it was well placed. They are fun to run across.  Have you seen these in you