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And then There were Graduations!

My granddaughter Lauren graduated in May from Western Kentucky University in  Bowling Green, Kentucky Mom, Dianne, brother Ryan, Lauren and Dad, Chris Congratulations Lauren!   After Party at the hotel!   My Graduation Portrait of Ryan, who graduated two weeks later from Batavia High School this past May Congratulations Ryan!   I had to be sneaky about getting a picture at home!   My kids all supportive gathered for Ryans Graduation.   from L to R  James, Shelly, Dianne and William Later there was a great big party at the house: But no pictures!   And Not to be outdone..... Dianne's new pup Finn graduated also!    Obediance school is very important!     

Blogging Again!

It's been quite a while since I've done any blogging and I have really missed it.   I know there are some of you that have been very loyal to me and check my blog for new content and I've let you down.  I've had such fun with doing my art on YouTube that I was exclusively there.   But I am going to try and combine the two!  After all, there is more to life than Art!   I travel so much and have so many activities I really need both mediums.   It's not easy to find certain videos on YouTube so I will leave my latest video here at the bottom, but I want to have a record of my personal life here, places visited and events attended!   In January I mentioned I had a wedding coming up and three graduations!   so here is an update!    MyGranddaughter Kyra married the love of her life, Nick on January 18th 2019 Her dad and Talon, his service dog walked her down the aisle The wedding was lovely, candle lit and attended by almost all