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I Hit the Mother Lode of Coffee Cups!

I was out thrifting yesterday and I always try to bring back a new cup for my morning coffee when I thrift but yesterday I couldn't stop at one!  This beauty from Lenox China has a completely different butterfly on the other side and a blue flower.  I chose it for my  birthday cup of morning coffee this morning!   It sips like a dream, the cup is thin and delicate.  I was afraid the scallops would be awkward but you would never know when sipping!  Even on eBay it sells it's priced anywhere from $22 to $7.00 All the cups are even prettier in person than shown.  Now this one is a great cup, with a flared top that leans out.  It holds the most coffee and the retro styling is a favorite of mine.  I always love this 30's look.   This one has the beautiful pattern, gorgeous border that extends to the handle.   Inside the cup is the Pawpaw blossom!  I love that. Again it's a beautiful porcelain cup of the highest quality.   I