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Making a Junk Journal

I first heard about Junk Journals from Cheri at Fabric and Memories  but she was writing from myLot where I write also.   I was fascinated about using up my mountains of junk papers in an artistic way, by way of making something functional.   She uses papers from everywhere and I have linked to her page (above) where she blogged about her first Junk Journal  I looked on YouTube and watched a dozen videos about people showing their junk journals then yesterday I found one that showed me how to make one.  It was painfully slow though!  She digresses, doesn't finish sentences, pets the cat, has a hard time getting the glue going.  In short it was like sitting with her in person while she showed me everything.  The the video was an hour long!   But I learned the steps about taking all kinds of junk papers and turning them into subscriptions, which are small groups and how to glue them into a book cover.  It looked easy peasy.   Well, yes and no.    Just a wee

I Love Washi

Mikoka Washi Tape I wanted this set of Washi because I absolutely loved the antique look when making pocket letters.  My favorite pocket letters are vintage ones and this Washi tape is from the Antique Bright set from Mikoka.  I like it because it's very easy to work with.   This is a pocket with bunting.  It's so easy to do.    I chose a piece of vintage cardstock  and just put Washi across the bottom. I just tear it off and then trim the ends. I scored it about every quarter inch using the corner of a metal ruler. I use what I have!   Then I just folded it accordion style.   I placed a piece of matching Washi all along the bottom to hold it in this position. (even when crafting I notice shadows!) It really makes a beautiful pocket embellishment!  This one was placed right on the card, and fit inside the pocket. You can also affix them to the outside, it will give it a bit more dimension.  Ano