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Since I posted a photo of the house we are leaving, I thought a photo of the new house is in order! This is the "new" house for us in Florida! It's a fixer-upper and we are having at least $6,000.00 in renovations done before we move in. This will include fixing the front porch overhang! The rest we are doing ourselves as we get to it. I love the bay window, the covered front porch and the stonework. I'm deciding on the color to paint the bench we are bringing with us. My husband says brown, I'm thinking burnt orange. This small house will be a dream to maintain.

A Picker Came!

Sold!! I kept the coffee grinder that Karan and I bought at an antique store in 1968 though! Yes, I actually had two pickers come and left with a bunch of items and minus $136.50. That was one effective ad on Craigslist! I sold lots of the antique items I had but I also sold a snow board and sled that I won't be needing in Florida! This helped me move some furniture and get some larger items out of the garage to leave me more room to work on getting ready for the big sale on June 9th. I am going to have plenty to sell on that day but I also had an answer that someone is interested in giving me a one time price for everything. I'll call them after the sale. I was tired but happy. The weekend was full of work, work, work and Dianne and Chris helping us. I have my living room mostly packed up, the lawn is mowed, the caterer set for the rehearsal dinner, a day spent with Dianne and James looking around Springfield.

I'm Going Crazy

I have too much stuff! I am swamped trying to unload it so I can move into a smaller house. I want to downsize my life and I need cash to do it!! Unfortunately I need TIME to get rid of stuff and I don't have any time. I just advertised on Craigslist for a PICKER to come to my house and look over my stuff! Someone answered and they will be here tomorrow. I'll update on what happens!

Antique Trunk

I'm gearing up for the big garage sale by selling some of the items first on Craig's List. So far I've sold bunk beds, a dorm fridge and a car. Last night I listed my favorite coffee table ever, an antique flat top trunk. Nothing hurt it! But I will not have room even though it is a great storage piece. Under the bed is filling up! So I listed it last night and expected a flood of responses. So far, nothing. I have another trunk that is not nearly as practical but that I have had through 16 moves that I want to take. It's a curved top metal trunk, painted green that has wood accents. I bought it from an antique shop in Auburn, California the summer of 1969. I wonder what to do if it doesn't sell? Maybe it might work displaying it standing up? Hmmm. After all there might be more than one way to skin a cat.


Owwwwww I don't know what I did to my knee! I was moving some heavy furniture and used my knee to shove it forward. I was fine. I sat down at the computer getting more and more uncomfortable. When I got up I was in dire pain. I couldn't bend my knee, the whole back of my leg felt like it was a charlie horse. I took two aspirin, 2 muscle relaxants prescribed for my husband, iced it, babied it and four hours later it is worse. I took 800 mg of Ibuprofen and I hope that helps. I can walk if I do not bend my knee. Getting up and sitting down is excruciating. It hurts when I'm lying down and don't even ask how hard it was to get up from a low sofa. I don't want the memory. I'm sooooo upset!

A Big Move

It's scary to think about moving even though I know it is the right thing to do. Since coming back to Ohio, I see the plants, that will not grow in Florida, bloom in my yard here. My children have been in and out all week and I'm overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I need to get rid of. Going from a tri level with three floors of furniture to small house with a great room and two bedrooms is a downsizing nightmare. No more stopping in to show me something new or ask me what I think about what he plans to wear to an event. Life is scary. The doors have opened magically for the purchase of this home so I am going ahead with it. I know down the road I will be needed. I know living below our means is the best thing for us. I'm happy with the house and the plans for improvements. Now it's time to get started.