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Where Did I Go? What Happened to Me?

Bubblews happened!  Come visit me!     Jeanniemaries Janet has a new gig!  August 1, 2014 Remember the post about my sister?    Janet's Art   She now has a collection of note cards on Etsy!  Here's the link: CollectionsByJanet July 25, 2014 I painted my old shed  and instead of tossing the broken chair I grabbed it out of the trash and decided to let it die here. We had planned to buy a new shed this summer but instead we used the money on hospital bills so I had to do SOMETHING ! The plant is in one of my yellow ware bowls until I can find another "pot" of some sort. I'm going to plant pink begonias soon to fill in the bed.  They thrive on neglect and that's what they'll have here! July 23 I painted the old patio table that was left her when I moved in! I've simply kept it covered with flannel backed oilcloth until I could get around to painting it. This is the "before" shot

I'm still here!

I'm still here and will be posting soon!