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Vacation Memories

It's time to get back to writing my memories and Memory Monday is a good place to help keep me on track.  I'ts not Monday, it's Friday, but I have some catching up to do.  It's been too long that I have neglected my blog even though I'm writing every day about my life and times at Bubblews  I can't add photos and short blurbs are more appropriate there than the long rambles of my blog. This weeks challenge is a Vacation Memory.  It's not hard to have one as they all fall into the same vacation year after year and what a very lucky girl I was.  My grandparents had a small bungalow in Venice, California and we vacationed there every year.  It was a day's drive back in the fifties from Concord, up in northern California to Venice and I've written before about the drive.  That was an event in itself.  I wrote about it when wrote about  fruit stands   on Bubblews. My grandmothers house was a few blocks from the beach and the first trip was al