I Love Washi

Mikoka Washi Tape

I wanted this set of Washi because I absolutely loved the antique look when making pocket letters.  My favorite pocket letters are vintage ones and this Washi tape is from the Antique Bright set from Mikoka.  I like it because it's very easy to work with.  

This is a pocket with bunting.  It's so easy to do.  

 I chose a piece of vintage cardstock  and just put Washi across the bottom.
I just tear it off and then trim the ends.

I scored it about every quarter inch using the corner of a metal ruler.
I use what I have! 

 Then I just folded it accordion style. 

 I placed a piece of matching Washi all along the bottom to hold it in this position.

(even when crafting I notice shadows!)

It really makes a beautiful pocket embellishment! 
This one was placed right on the card, and fit inside the pocket.

You can also affix them to the outside, it will give it a bit more dimension. 

Another thing I like to do with Washi is to cover things!

Here is a simple tea light.

They are just the right size for Washi 

I like placing them at different levels when entertaining.  Easy and inexpensive! 

I also like to gift pencils covered in Washi
Isn't this a great idea!  
Washi is a paper tape so it will also sharpen along with the pencil in many sharpeners.  

If if doesn't sharpen in your sharpener, just peel and tear the Washi first and then sharpen.

How cute is this?

What else can you cover?  Well your imagination is your only limit. 
Keys, switch plates, flower pots, bud vase, a broom handle, flip flop thong,.....
Just go crazy!  Mikoka Washi comes in many, many different patterns and colors. 

Mikoka gave me a set of tapes
and asked me to do a blog on how I used them.  
Wasn't that nice??

Thank you Mikoka!  I love my Washi!  

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It would be cute to use for little cups for my dolls. I love it. I guess this means I'm way over due to visit the craft store! I haven't been in months! Hope you didn't get any bad wind or flooding with the storm. Sweet hugs, Diane
Patty said…
Well, this is so much fun! I really never heard of Washi tape until a few months ago, and had no idea it had so many uses! I can't wait to try some of these! Thanks Jeanne, you always inspire me!
Unknown said…
I love reading your blog, as it always gives me such great ideas!! you are such a creative person!
bj said…
What cute ideas to use your tape....
I love these projects! So pretty! I have never heard of this product before! Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment!!
How cute are all the things you covered! I have never used Washi tape but I see it in a lot of projects online. Love the pencils and tealights.
Rebecca said…
I SEE you've been busy crafting! Covering the pencils is particularly clever, I think...
Annesphamily said…
You are one super talented lady. Thank you for always visiting me and sharing my new business at twitter. thank you. anne xo

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